This is a question often asked and there have been many times that I have wanted to document it, but now seems to be that time,  so for anyone who wishes to know more, then please continue to read.

It must have been around 2009/10 when I turned on the Tv to watch one of Kirstie Allsopp’s shows,  which I always found to be the perfect kind of escape.  I can’t remember which one exactly right now, but I believe it may have been Homemade home..but I will update this when I am quite certain. 

    It was at that point when a lady was introduced on screen, who I now know to be Naomi Stannard,  she was being interviewed and showcasing some of her beautiful artwork, which went by the curious name of ‘needle felting’  I couldn’t take my eyes off it.. this wonderful fox, with a garden teacup and a sheep! there were others, I’m quite sure, but this one never ever left my mind!!!  

“But this one never ever left my mind!!!

Naomi Stannard’s work

Moving forward quite a few years, I had the chance to think about actually buying a kit off eBay on a bit of a whim, but ohhh dear, looking back now, it was not a kit, it didn’t even have what you would really need, but I knew I wanted to start small, so I thought I would go with a mouse and why not, when I love rodents so much, it just made sense.

Admitidly it looked more like an old, tanned shrunken private part than anything else, but I didnt care, It was so much fun trying, that I hadn’t even finished before I was on to making another, then another, THEN ANOTHER, soon realising there might be just a LITTLE bit more to this, I went searching Youtube, scoured websites, looked for books, boffed out on needles, where the materials came from, I was and still am, utterly obsessed!

“It looked more like an old, tanned shrunken private part”

My first ever work

   This was when I came across Sara Renzulli and things started to slot into place for me, I literally hung off her every word and could not believe what I was hearing and seeing. There was a puzzle unfolding infront of me and I was now buying beeswax melts, studying how hands were made, the intricacies of making eyes, tools used, the felt and all the amazing colours and textures.. I WAS IN!  My mind was ignited by the sound of needles being pushed into the fibres..I was in heaven.