I’m absolutely chuffed to bits with my new miniature hat stand, it was made for me as a bit of a surprise really and a welcome one at that!

Its very easy to loose or damage your work when your art space gets more and more crowded whilst woking on a new project, but this will definitely keep my future hats nice and safe and looks beautiful too

It has made me want to create a bit of a hat display now though I cant lie and will do this in the coming months, maybe just for me but possibly to sell them in box frames or something similar later .

So, another really big thank you to Krysten over at ‘The Fable Key’ and if you get chance, I throughly recommend taking a look at her page where all types of magic are being explored 😀

As you may know, I love the world of antiques but also the world of fashion and find this little hat stand encapsulates them both in a truly wonderful way.

The millinery world is fascinating to me and often find myself gazing in wonder at the beautiful Gibson girls and the dapper gents in their hats signifying status and power, but that of the uniforms worn within those job rolls, many of which have been forgotten, including those within the military, which has a long history within my family along side the constabulary, which has been marred by the sickening display of Hi vis and if I could bring back the cape, I would, but thats another story.

I’m frustrated by this sometimes, as you knew/know exactly who people are and believe nurses to be a perfect example of this. The removal of a nurse cap is a tragedy and even started a petition a few years ago to bring back the cap, not through fetish, but for the simple fact of KNOWING… and no one signed it, never mind, I tried, but then I wish to see postman do exactly the same and look to actually belong to ‘the Royal Mail’

So, although this maybe a just a miniature hat stand to some, to me it’s beautiful and I cannot wait to add many more of them to my collection over the coming months, bringing back the hat in my own way 🙂