This was exciting to see. I entered a couple of my pieces into the beautiful bizarre art prize this year, and although I have no idea if I am even in with a chance, just to be seen by this organisation is a real honour in itself.

One of the pieces I entered was my most recent needle felt raven sculpture as you have seen on here before, but thought I would show you the one that has been observed and added to their page .

There are so many incredible artists to be seen on there and so many have obviously entered too, but to of been observed and have my name shared by them, is a real surprise and super excited to see how this plans out for everyone!

I can not add too much else to this on here, as I know as much as the next person, but I shall keep you updated with any news and progress along the way, also its not too late for others to enter too, so go and take a look at beautiful bizarre and wether you are entering or simply interested in other peoples creations, then I fully recommend it, as there really is so much to see. The name says it all, as it really is truly bizarre 🙂

So thank you to all those involved and giving others a chance of exposure, support and chances to be seen new and exciting ways.