A quick hello with a little update for you.

This next needle felted/mixed media project is going to depict the two eurasian wrens that will be taking charge of the funeral carriage/service, this will be holding a little coffin inside too for the sparrow but, it’s quite bespoke really, so will enjoy making this.

Concept drawing of two eurasian wrens for next needle felted project from the house of felts

Funerary services were a very big part of my job (a good few years ago now) so i know just how I want and need this to be and as always, I will update you along the way. Now this will be the last piece ill be making for this diorama before moving onto an overdue and exciting piece for someone and might be back very soon after that, with something really quite special indeed but, I shall leave it as a whisper for now..so with that, take care and bye for now 🎩🖤🍷

A big thank you to @the.fable.key for very carefully listening to my ideas/concepts and bringing some very sketchy ideas to life..or ‘wrendering’ as you say 😂 take a look at her incredible page and see just what magic is behind the door of #thefablekey