I am often asked how I make the feet on some of my birds, but they really are all different, as is the approach. Regardless I find them all to be one of the most relaxing parts as they are such a methodological jigsaw and equally completely change the dynamic of the animal/sculpture.

The feet I am working at the moment are for the goldfinch and now nearly at the stage where I can paint them and add to the sculpture itself..nails/talons/claws will be added at the very final stage of all my birds.

Normally the leg would be deeply embedded within the core, but I have been using internal metal tubing so that I can simply slide them into the body, the reason for this is that this particular character is wearing a pair of trousers, also the paper coated floristry wire give me some element of adhesion so that it doesn’t slip.

I will then inject the epoxy internally leave them to dry in the desired position and will not suffer any breakages, whilst still giving me the manoeuvrability I need whilst working on it.`

The image in the blog is before all the detailing is in place and also the wire frame work before I begin to add sculpey which really is my favourite polymer to use.